Why Scaling Without Penalty is Important

Woman with clipboard in warehouse

Few eCommerce businesses have the same shipping needs throughout the year. Seasons, weather, economic trends, holidays and other factors often cause major fluctuations. Consequently, companies can benefit from shipping software that offers scalability without financial penalties. To scale up or down affordably, avoid these three policies:

1. Long-Term Plans

When a software supplier requires a lengthy contract, this typically means that penalties will apply if shipping needs rise significantly. Try to find a provider with monthly pricing. This makes it possible to quickly change to a different plan when necessary. Remember to confirm that there’s no fee for switching plans.

2. Workstation Limits

If a software company enforces a user or workstation limit, this will reduce scalability. A per-user fee may penalize growth when a business needs to ship more items, add new locations or broaden its product selection. For the best results, search for a program that allows an unlimited number of workstations and users.

3. Limited Support

A growing business may need more assistance from its shipping software provider as time passes. While some support requests stem from user error, other problems arise due to technical problems with an application, online marketplace or shipping carrier. It isn’t equitable to impose limits or demand extra payments for support that companies need to make the software work as promised.

Volume vs. Flat-Rate Pricing

When a provider charges fees based upon the number of shipments, scalability may be economical as long as clients can easily switch plans throughout the year. However, a flat rate with unlimited volume represents the most affordable and convenient solution. It keeps costs predictable and doesn’t penalize eCommerce firms for selling more merchandise during certain times of the year.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, monthly flat-rate plans deliver optimal scalability at a consistent expense. ShipWorks offers a program with unlimited sales channels and shipping as well as month-to-month plans that cap the number of shipments. All options include unlimited support, workstations and users. This sophisticated software greatly expedites and simplifies many of the tasks involved in processing orders and dispatching goods.

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