How Shipping Software Compliments Your ERP

Having an ERP system for your business is imperative is to excellent management. It makes inventory management a simple, straightforward, and scalable. With many ERP systems available, your business is set for brilliant cooperation among the various departments. A well, custom-made ERP is all that you need to elevate your business to a whole new level.

It would help if you had a tool that can efficiently manage your business logistics. It would also be best if you had a solution to the ever-challenging order management problems in your workplace. While many businesses lack proper logistical solutions, a shipping software integrated into your ERP will give you a comparative advantage over your competitors.

Why Do You Need a Shipping Software in Your ERP?

If your business undertakes shipping activities, then having the software is essential. You not only want the software service but have it well integrated into your ERP system. Below are some of the benefits of shipping software in your ERP.

It Improves Customer Experience

A shipping solution makes your customers happy in a unique way. A complimentary shipping solution comes handy to your ERP as it makes order management simple. Many issues occur between dispatch and delivery, and only a multi-level solution can help sort them.

A shipping software integrated into your ERP enables customers to track their orders with much ease. It adds customer satisfaction by providing real-time information about their orders. Also, customers can choose their preferred carrier and make requests such as pick-up and drop off options.

Your customer service department will get fewer calls from customers since they can track their orders. A perfect shipping solution keeps customers updated about their deliveries through emails and real-time data availability. By being able to track orders and get real-time info, customers will undoubtedly have any queries.

Enhances Business Automation

With a shipping software integrated into your ERP, it is easier to automate some back-office tasks. To start with, shipping solutions offer intuitive user interfaces creating a whole new customer experience. Users no longer have to enter shipping details into multiple systems. Information is processed by automated set-ups rather than manually.

The software’s freight automation ability solves many errors that have hindered many shipping processes. A shipping software replaces the manual tasks associated with picking, checking, and shipping orders. Also, a shipping solution that offers seamless integration with accounting software can easily automate quoting, ordering, and purchasing processes.

Promotes Better Visibility

An ERP might be offering a significant level of visibility in your business, but that might not be sufficient. Leveraging transport data can highly improve your shipping operations. The shipping software provides data necessary for your company. Dashboards in the software generate useful data such as costs by various carriers and delivery reports, which is essential for company operations.

By being able to navigate through the shipment process, you get in touch with useful data. Also, your multi-scale shipping software provides key metrics for decision-making. You can rely on this data to restructure your business to adapt to various dynamics in the freight industry. If you are shipping hundreds of parcels in a day, the software allows coordination between logistic managers and personnel to solve various shipment problems that arise in the process.

It Reduces Shipping Costs

Seamless integration can allow you to automate, simplify, and reduce costs in the supply chain. A multi-level shipping software gives your company flexibility that, in turn, lowers expenses. You can choose the carrier with the best rates for every shipment hence cutting down lots of costs. This might be impossible with a single carrier solution, which tends to be slow and time-consuming.

The majority of the conventional shipping solutions operate at the mercy of the carrier. However, with the seamless integration of your software with the ERP, your business gains a much-needed negotiating power. You gain access to the best rates, service levels, and routes available. You can arrange for lower rates to lower freight and shipping costs, thus improving business profitability.

Improves Flexibility on Returns

Managing return shipping has been a menace to many businesses, regardless of the efficiency of the ERP. Online shopping leaves companies that use a single carrier shipping strategy with high volumes of problematic returns. If your business is having a problem with reverse logistics, a better solution is what you need.

Some carriers don’t have competitive return rates, and this might hurt your business. However, a multi-level shipping software makes it possible to streamline returns. It improves customer satisfaction and upholds your business reputations largely.

Evaluating of Carrier Reputation

It might be challenging to determine what customers think of your carriers without a well-integrated solution. Does your carrier improve customer satisfaction, or does it hurt your business? Customer reviews through your shipping software can help establish the carrier’s impact on your business. From your ERP back-end, you can identify whether the carrier is reliable or not. Reviews make it easy to decide on whether to retain or change the carrier.

Complementing Your ERP System with ShipWorks Software

Are you looking for reliable shipping software that eases your logistical processes? ShipWorks not only offers the ultimate business solution but also integrates easily with your ERP systems to smoothen operations. With this software, your business will largely reduce costs, enhance automation, and generate key performance indicators for your business. ShipWorks partners with the best carriers to ensure your customers receive packages most efficiently. Contact us today for a custom solution that suits your business perfectly.