How ShipWorks Saves Blue Sky Scrubs Time and Money

Blue Sky Scrubs has built a name for themself over the past 16 years by making fashionable, modern scrubs, lab coats, surgical hats, and other healthcare apparel and accessories. Based in Austin, TX, their clothing aims to reflect the relaxed vibes of the city. In order to give their employees that same relaxation, ShipWorks helps make sure they don’t have to stress over something as small as shipping.

The Challenge: 

Before ShipWorks, shipping was a more time-consuming process. Previous shipping platforms—mostly carriers’ platforms—they had used were geared more towards shipping individual orders. This made the process much longer than it needed to be. To keep up with order volume, they would need a more automated and efficient platform. 

The Solution: 

Enter ShipWorks. ShipWorks has transformed Blue Sky Scrubs’ shipping workflow. It used to take their team hours to print their day’s labels. Now, thanks to batch processing and automation, it only takes 10-15 minutes. These are some of the features that they have used to streamline their shipping process.

Address Validation

One way that shipping takes less time for Blue Sky Scrubs is address validation, they no longer have to sift through each order to verify that an address is correct. Address validation checks an address against the USPS database to verify that what was entered is correct. 


Automation is important for any shipping workflow. There are almost always criteria that result in specific shipping preferences. And instead of having to go through each individual order to configure shipping service or package type, this should happen automatically. With ShipWorks’ various Automation processes, you can take the guesswork and tedium out of shipping. Different order events can trigger actions such as applying shipping configurations or sending emails.  

“The experience with ShipWorks automation is fantastic. It’s incredibly fast. It connects to our system, everything is automatic from customer name, address, what they’ve ordered, what shipping service they’ve paid for. So it makes things perfect. It literally is a flawless system for us where we don’t have any concerns when we’re shipping things.”

Wendy Griffith, Operations Manager at Blue Sky Scrubs

Batch Printing

Automation and address validation culminate in one of the biggest time-savers for Blue Sky Scrubs. Batch printing allows them to print all of their orders for the day in one action. The automation processes would be less effective if you still had to print each order. Now they can batch similar orders together and print them. For instance, they can filter their international orders to print them all together. 

International Shipping

International shipping is a hurdle for any business. It’s expensive and present an entirely new set of forms and documentation to fill out. Luckily, ShipWorks has helped Blue Sky Scrubs simplify the process. As their operations manager Wendy Griffith puts it, “we save probably $10,000 a year just on being able to see the different options that we have available.” 

“In many cases, with international shipments, for example, we save probably about $10,000 per year just on being able to see the different options that we have available for cost and what’s the fastest shipping, what’s the cheapest shipping option, and also being able to use different carriers as well in that manner.”

Wendy Griffith, Operations Manager at Blue Sky Scrubs

Rate Shopping

Different orders require different shipping options. Sometimes a package needs a quicker service. Other times, you just want to make sure you’re using the most affordable option. 

“ShipWorks makes things so much easier when all carriers are available, just so that we can see, again, the cheapest shipping option, the fastest shipping option, and that it’s all in one place, we don’t have to switch to a different website or anything like that. It’s just all in one spot.”

Wendy Griffith, Operations Manager at Blue Sky Scrubs

If you’re looking for a high-performance shipping software solution that can help your team fulfill orders faster and with fewer errors, we invite you to download ShipWorks free for 30-days.